PHP 5.4.0 Released with Amazing New Features

php elephant version

The PHP Group announced the early hours of the expected release version 5.4.0 of the programming language PHP . According to the development team, this new version represents a significant step forward in the 5.x series includes numerous new features and bug fixes.

The group has made available to users a migration guide from PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.4 which details the changes between two versions of the language.

Among the new features included are the following:

  • Traits : A mechanism for reuse of code that attempts to meet the limitations of single inheritance
  • Short syntax for arrays : You can define arrays to Python or JavaScript using []
  • An embedded web server : For testing as it develops without having to install an Apache or similar
  • Improving performance and memory : This version significantly improves performance and memory consumption
  • Correction of over one hundred bugs

Obviously there have been more improvements you can find in the file changelog

Source: The PHP Group

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