Microsoft Office for Windows Phone 8

Who will buy the new smartphone Windows Phone 8 of Samsung, Nokia and HTC will find pre-installed the new mobile version of Office that allows you to have easy and fast access to content stored on Office 365, SkyDrive and SharePoint. The starting point is the Office Hub, which will be displayed in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, as well as Outlook attachments. OneNote is instead available as a separate application. Office Mobile support “Tap + Send” Windows Phone 8 for sharing documents between devices with chip NFC .

The user will enter into a subscription to Office 365 can use the productivity suite of desktop and smartphone. This means that the same document can be read or modified on different devices, regardless. To provide a better user experience on the screen of a smartphone, Microsoft introduced several innovations especially with regard to the rendering of the content, so that the size of the display may become a minimum, sweetened with specific attention to the use touch, mobility and on surfaces of small dimensions.

PowerPoint displays all shapes and SmartArt Graphics in detail, as well as transition effects, the slide thumbnails, even in portrait mode (with the notes of the speaker). When you start Excel displays last open worksheet with zoom level set by the user. Were added “handles” to facilitate the selection of rows and columns with the touch of a finger. Also simplified the reading of cells with long texts through a convenient panel. The new full screen reading mode of Word hides all controls, giving you more space to the subject.

OneNote Mobile is now a separate application. Simply tap the new Tile OneNote to take notes, include new photos (or existing photos from the Photo Hub) and record voice notes even when the phone is locked. For less experienced users is available mode Quick Notes, while advanced users can organize your notes into sections to optimize navigation on a small screen. The functionality Rooms Windows Phone 8 allows you to create a digital notebook to store only private notes, photos, calendars and video users in the group.

Office for Windows Phone 8 is now available in 50 languages ??and supports writing from right to left, keeping the alignment and reading order, and even reversing the graphical elements of the user interface to follow this natural direction.

Source: Office Blog

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