How to Install and Use VLC on Mac OS X?

One of the great qualities of VLC - a multimedia player, multiplatform and open source – is its support for a wide range of audio and video formats, and various streaming protocols. To teach you how to install and use VLC on Mac OS X the TechTudo prepared following the tutorial with step by step very simply.

Step 1. Please download VLC  from here;

Step 2. The download is done and you get the file vlc-2.0.1.dmg . After downloading, double click this file. Wait a bit and you will find the following screen:

After downloaded VLC (Photo: Reproduction)

Step 3. To install VLC, just click on the icon of VLC, which is an orange cone, and drag it to the Applications folder or Applications;

Step 4. Open VLC, just go to your Applications folder and double click on the icon of VLC;

VLC between applications in Mac OS X (Photo: Reproduction)

Step 5. To open a file, for example, a video, simply click the “Open media”;

Open a video here (Photo: Reproduction)

Step 6. Then click “Browse” to navigate to your video file. Then select the file, click “Open.”Then click again on “Open.” The multimedia file will start playing;

Look for the movie you want to watch (Photo: Reproduction)
Choose the film (Photo: Reproduction)
(Photo: Reproduction)

Step 7. Now you can open multiple multimedia formats directly to your Mac via VLC. In addition to the features taught, you can use some shortcuts such as “Command + F” to put the video in full screen.

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