“Call of Duty” on PS Vita Expected in Autumn

Call of Duty on PS Vita Expected in Autumn

PS Vita has to be a successful console and Sony will give everything to ensure this is clear. This means having a complete catalog of known franchises, plus hit titles that get new IP’s to convince potential new buyers. Although the title of which we speak today is not exactly a new IP to be enshrined in the new Sony console.

Today we speak of Call of Duty and the version that will end up coming to PS Vita . And is that even though we’ve been hearing rumors for a long time had to be Guy Longworth, the SVP of the PlayStation brand in SCEA , which has confirmed the launch of the title to fall this year to discuss their children to eager hope.

“Of course in the fall will be happy to receive a ‘Call of Duty’ in Vita and we really going to be a very revolutionary title for the platform. “

Statements that bind to the rumor that the guys at Treyarch staged a few months ago stating that their next ‘CoD’ version was being developed for a new console . And of course, a new platform is PS Vita. A new ‘CoD’? Any adaptation of one known as ‘Black Ops’?

More Info: CVG

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