Ashton Kutcher Starrer Movie About Jobs, will Begin Shooting in May

Ashton Kutcher Will Play Steve JobsFinally the rumor is confirmed: Ashton Kutcher will play a role of  Steve Jobs,co-founder of Apple in his upcoming movie . The film, which will begin shooting from next month, is titled Jobs: Get Inspired and could debut later this year.

The film covers the life of Steve from 1971 to 2000 , which will make you look quite the film Pirates of Silicon Valley debuted in 1999. Be careful, because this is not the film in which George Clooney shuffling as the star. That other work presumably cover more years of life he Jobs and Sony Pictures is in charge . Jobs: Get Inspired is another different film, produced by an independent study.

Admittedly, Ashton Kutcher is quite similar to Jobs in the seventies, and with the help of makeup and photoshop be achieved even greater similarity. From Cult of Mac are quite pessimistic about this project as an argument to getting work done by those responsible, but certainly capture the attention of more fans to the brand when it opens.

Via: AppleInsider

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