Akshay Kumar Is Upset From The Director Of Joker

Akshay Kumar Is Upset From The Director Of Joker

“Joker” is the new comedy film of Akshay Kumar to be release on 31st of August 2012. Akshay Kumar is upset with his upcoming movie ‘Joker’ is coming up and is said to be very upset with the director of the film Shirish Kunder.

‘Joker’ is definitely one of the most awaited film of the year. The film is also being made in 3D. However, after watching the films rough cuts, Akshay is said to be very disappointed with the outcome.If sources are to be believed, Akki, after watching the rough cuts of the film, became so livid. He even rebuked the director. The actor is very much concerned about the film as he is very very keen on tasting success after a string of flops in the year 2011.

Akshay went ahead and discussed his problem with the director and now, the duo have come to a decision that ‘Joker’ will release only aftyer ‘Rowdy Rathor’, which also stars Akshay Kumar as a solo lead.

Akki says he feels very confident with Rowdy Rathor and the film looks promising under the guidance of Prabhu Deva’s direction.

Joker is about a town full of crazy people, who have escaped from a mental hospital. there is an alien too, who then takes control of all the madness.

Via:- Bollywood.Celebden.com

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