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CES 2013: Nvidia Shield Game Console with Tegra 4 and Android

Nvidia at CES in Las Vegas introduced the Tegra 4 which is no big surprise. As CEO Jen-Hsun Huang on Sunday evening ( local time in Las Vegas ) announced a separate game console from the magic hat, the audience was amazed but then a bit.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Check Online the First Image

It was published online in the first image of the Samsung Galaxy S4  which is the new smartphone with Android heart of the next generation to which the South Korean manufacturer should remove the veil in the coming months.We have  got the picture from reliable sources, that have expressed close to Samsung.

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25 Predictions for 2013

In previous post we published the Predictions for 2012 – Which was True. In addition to the annual review, it is actually already in our tradition that at the end of the year to set up more or less serious predictions for the next year at Google. Today, there are our 25 predictions for 2013.

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Predictions for 2012 – Which were True?

A year ago we published 25 predictions for 2012, which were more or less serious. Today – one year later – we want to evaluate how right we were located. The system for the reviews we maintain: If a claim to have been met in full, there is a point, in part, from 0.5 or 0.75 points […]

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iPhone 5 Blacks literally Bent to Almost 30 Degrees

These are embarrassing images that have appeared in the NoWhereElse website gallery depicting some  iPhone 5 blacks literally bent to almost 30 degrees .There has been talk in a more than pounding the problems related to crop yields and the workmanship of the new jewel of Apple. The large list it adds a new one.

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The 10 Greatest Scientific Achievements of 2012, According to the Journal Science

Each year, the editors and experts of the journal Science selected the ten most important scientific achievements of the year.   Scientific Achievements of the 2012 1. The discovery of the Higgs boson . On 4 July, physicists CMS and ATLAS , the two largest experiments of the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) located at CERN . I count on your day in Engadget Science: The CERN officially declared to have found […]

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Another Planet Like Earth at 12 Light Years Away?

The eternal question, is there any other planet like Earth in the universe with the conditions of life like Earth? While studies and travel in space trying to gather information to verify the issue, astronomers have come up with a new possibility. Just 12 light years from our planet would be one with conditions that could support […]

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World`s First Cancer Drug Created Through a 3D Printer

A group of researchers from the firm Parabon NanoLabs has developed a new drug Created Through a 3D Printer to combat a type of brain cancer. What is unique about this drug is that it is the first drug that has been Created Through a 3D Printer, molecule by molecule by using a technique of self-assembly of DNA and this […]

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Instagram is Updated by Adding a New Filter and Faster Image Capture

Instagram is the most popular application for lovers of “iPhoneografia” (A new term to identify all those people who love to take pictures from your iPhone) has recently been updated by adding filter “Willow” which improves the blur and several other news. Let’s look together. As an introduction, the application has recently been updated to version 3.2.0 by introducing […]

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Interesting Facts About iPhone 4S

Once you bought an iPhone be sure you will automatically become lucky and successful, because you already have in your hands a smartphone that is irreplaceable in our lives and cannot be exchanged with any other worthy technical device. A mini-computer that is always with you and shares every moment of your life. And do […]

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