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Strong character building in three steps

There are many definitions of a strong person or strong character. Most often, this concept is associated with such qualities as honesty, responsibility and self-control. These tips will help you pump up the strengths of your personality and improve your weaknesses.Iron character is not expressed in authoritarianism. 1. Develop your positive qualities to build strong character Be honest Do […]

The most effective way to learn new things faster.

Scientists say that some tips helps the brain to better absorb information.The most effective way to learn new things is discussed in this article. Uncertainty and uncertainty cause stress. But according to a new study Volatility Facilitates Value Updating in the Prefrontal Cortexthey also stimulate learning areas of the brain. In unstable situations (although they cause discomfort), it […]

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Visit 7 wonders of the world without leaving home

Google’s hardworking employees have visited all the interesting places in the world and now suggest that we follow them. 1. The Colosseum Amphitheater, a monument of architecture of ancient Rome, the most famous and one of the grandest structures of the ancient world, preserved to our time. It is located in Rome, in the hollow between […]

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What exactly is behind Process Mining?

The origin of Big Data analytics technology “Process Mining” is located in the Netherlands. The Dutch computer science professor Wil van der Aalst already researched systems for workflow management and business process management (BPM) at the TU Eindhoven in the early 2000s . He discovered a gap in the analysis of transactional data: So far, we focused on the analysis of data without assigning them […]

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Smart alternatives to Azure, Amazon and Google cloud

Azure, AWS and Google dominate the public cloud market with extensive service portfolios and low prices. But sheer size not only brings benefits to customers. This article introduces some interesting cloud providers alternatives. When companies want to move their IT to the cloud and look for a vendor then they typically think of Microsoft Azure , Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) or Google Cloud first . The public cloud providers are world-renowned and […]

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