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NASA simulates collision of two black holes – Video

Black holes are particularly complex celestial objects to understand because they push physics to its own limits. Scientists often have to extrapolate when they evoke these singularities. A video simulation by NASA shows us for the first time the collision of two supermassive black holes. Scientists who have never been able to observe the collision of two […]

The Google Pixel 3 XL on sale even before its official announcement

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are highly anticipated by the trade press and fans. We already know everything there is to know but while the devices are not yet official, they are already on sale … Google has not yet officially announced its Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the event is scheduled […]

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The Amazon Alexa app gets a new look

The mobile app dedicated to Google Assistant has been updated recently, with a brand new interface. Today, it is that of Amazon Alexa who is getting a new look. While Alexa’s main interest is to allow users to control voice-enabled devices, it can be useful, if not necessary, sometimes to use the dedicated mobile application. If you are used to […]

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Samsung Galaxy A9s: The world’s first smartphone with 4 main cameras

Sources declassified the specifications of the first Samsung smartphone with five cameras. It will be presented in a week. In September, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A7 (2018), its first smartphone with a triple main camera.And now the Korean company is going to surpass itself. The next smartphone from the Galaxy A series will receive as many as […]

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Compare XS, XR, XS Max – Which iPhone do you prefer?

XS is standard. XR is cheap. XS Max is large. In order to understand each model of the new iPhone from Apple, it seems good to start from that point first. The series structure of the iPhone is straightforward from Android where fragmentation is terrible. Apple still has three storage capacities for each of the three models. In addition, there are […]

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How to reduce Blood pressure: 6 quick ways that will surely work

The 6 quick ways will help to forget about high blood pressure forever. High pressure kills. And this is not a metaphor. In the US alone, this cardiovascular problem kills over a thousand lives a day.High Blood Pressure Facts will help us in this regard. What is high pressure and why is it dangerous? Increased pressure is called a silent killer, and […]

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Flu vaccine – to do or not (A complete overview)

Ahead of winter and a flu epidemic. Revoseek figured out whether the Flue vaccine will help you and your child, who will run to the clinic, and who should not risk it.Here we will discuss the advantages and effects of flue vaccine. Why do you need a flu vaccine? Vaccination is the only reliable way to […]

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13 golden rules for small talk with strangers

Here we will discuss 13 golden rules for small talk.Many people are afraid of it or even consider it superfluous. Small Talk is easy as pie, if you just dare. Who masters the rules of the game of shallow conversation, lays the foundation for successful networking. In business, but also private situations, you should understand the small […]

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