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10 Free video conferencing tools not just for small groups

It does not always have to be Skype or Google+ Hangouts. We’re introducing ten largely free video conferencing tools that provide some useful additional features.   More and more telephone conferences are noving video conferencing. The reason is that the customers and colleagues want to see who they are talking to. Or because you want to work […]

The basics of Blockchain

This article explains the basics of blockchain technology and uses a guide to explain what to consider when deciding on or against Blockchain. Blockchain will become a key technology in IT over the next few years . Despite some disadvantages, such as the immense power consumption , advantages such as the high level of manipulation and reliability prevail. This article introduces the technology […]

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How organizations can prepare for AI

Tomorrow’s users must be highly flexible in the future. They therefore demand the same user experience in the workplace that they are accustomed to from their private environment. Artificial intelligence can do this and will enter service management – whether companies are prepared for it or not. The workplace of the future wants to be equipped with […]

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10 free Machine Learning AI tools for developers

Freely available open source tools allow developers to leverage the power of Google or Facebook and incorporate artificial intelligence into their applications. Developers working on artificial intelligence and machine learning , for example, can write apps for better speech recognition or take their self-developed applications to a new level. This article gives an overview of some of the most popular open […]

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10 tips for IoT projects

More and more companies are preparing for the IoT project. What pitfalls lurk in the implementation, Device Insight learned in more than 150 IoT projects. Findings that we have summarized in ten tips. According to the current IDG study IoT 2018 , every second German company is currently preparing an IoT project or informing itself. Whether the project will be crowned with success depends on […]

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