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Why we are always unhappy with everything

Circumstances have nothing to do with it. Everything is in your head.Our happy and Unhappy Mood is the Product of our Brain. Reality eludes us We are awake 16 hours a day, but spend much less in the present moment. Most of the time we dangle in our minds, ignoring the world around us. As Billy Pilgrim from […]

Big, golden, fast: iPhone Xs Max in the test and Introduction video

With the iPhone Xs Max, Apple has presented its hitherto most expensive and largest smartphone . We tested the Xs Max to find out what the customer gets for up to € 1,650. So much anticipated: In our view, 2018 is a typical s-year. In other words, groundbreaking new features have failed to materialize. That’s why owners of an iPhone X are going to […]

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10 signs that you have met your soul mate

  Find out if there is a person close to you among friends. Spoiler: a soul mate is not necessarily the other half. 1. It seems that you have known each other for ages. You recently met, but it seems that you know each other almost from birth. Some of the details of your lives are so […]

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