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Glucose levels without blood test using digital puncture, thanks to this patch

Scientists have created a non-invasive adhesive patch that promises the measurement of glucose levels through the skin without a blood test with a fingerstick, eliminating the need for millions of diabetics to carry out these painful tests frequently. . According to the study published in Nature Nanotechnology , the research team of the University of Bath hopes that it will eventually […]

This patch controls the blood pressure inside the body

A new portable ultrasonic patch that non-invasively monitors blood pressure in the deep arteries beneath the skin may help people detect cardiovascular problems earlier and more accurately. A team of researchers led by the University of California at San Diego describes their work in an article published in Nature Biomedical Engineering .   Ultrasound The patch uses ultrasound, so […]

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5 Reasons why companies should bet on open software

What can open source solutions offer companies that conventional applications can not? From the telephone company to the fashion start-up – almost every business today needs a good and reliable IT infrastructure that is tailored to their needs and is scalable as the business evolves. But good,   secure and easy-to-use IT solutions are rare and often expensive. […]

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25 Interesting laws of life that explain a lot

Some strange things that happen to you, in fact, are natural. Neighboring queue always moves faster, and clothes that have not been used for years, becomes urgently needed only after it was in the garbage can. These and many other situations, which faced almost everyone, formed the basis of life laws. 1. Murphy’s Law Everything that […]

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New Excel for Android will scan paper tables and turn into electronic sheet

This feature will completely eliminate the manual input of data. The company Microsoft talked about the interesting function “Insert data from the image” (Insert Data from Picture), which appears in the mobile version of Excel. With its help, any table on paper can be translated into electronic format. To do this, it will only be enough to […]

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15 Habits that will lead you out of the comfort zone and change your life for the better

Nobody likes getting in uncomfortable conditions even he/she have bad habits. It’s awkward. We don’t understand the way to take care of them. Higher but, we tend to keep away from them because we nonetheless have the fear of a few type of judgment. Whether it’s from the human beings or ourselves, the tendency is […]

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Windows Server 2019 – First Impressions

That’s exactly what you just read, Microsoft has announced a new version of its server operating system, formerly called Windows Server 2019, and its release is expected to occur by the end of 2018. The new version of Windows Server introduces several updates that are likely to please businesses, developers, and IT professionals in general. […]

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The First Artificial Intelligence Painting of $ 10,000

Art is one of the last instances in which people give themselves a taste for algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). But that could change soon. At the end of October, Christie’s auction house is going to sell the first painting of an AI. Expected Price: $ 7,000 to $ 10,000.   Do you know Edmond de Belamy? No? Then you […]

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Google integrates Android into millions of cars

Google is partnering with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to bring Android-based infotainment systems into millions of cars. The Tomtom share crashed after announcement by 30 percent. Google is working with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance to integrate Android into vehicles. The largest car alliance in the world, measured by car sales, wants to bring Android-based infotainment systems into millions of cars, the Wall Street Journal first reported. The infotainment system should come […]

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Five tools to work more productively

we spend time with tasks that can now take over tools for us. We present tools from 5 different areas to give at least an idea of what aspects can help us. Today, it’s about tools that help to work more productively and efficiently. Coffitivity How many great novels were created in cafés is legendary. The creators of Coffitivity scientifically […]

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